Functional Medicine

All starts with an in-depth health questionnaire that you have to fill in before coming to the initial consultation. You’ll have questions about your present symptoms, medical and family history, your treatment, your life style and habits and many more.

Then, you’ll eventually have prescribed various medical tests, to be done in a laboratory and/or with home kits, like for example including metabolic tests, microbiome, hormones, vitamins and many others.

During the second consultation, usually after at least 3 weeks after tests are done, we will be discussing the tests results and refine the health plan.

During the follow up consultation we will dynamically review your evolution and continue to personalise at best your health recommendations and treatment. Thus, your consultation doesn’t finish when you close the office door. You will have a constant interaction with your doctor and give regular feedback about your perception of your "health level".

Additionally, if you are a tech lover and you love to track and collect various data about your health and performance, we can better do this together. For example, maybe your Nokia or iHealth scale, Apple Watch, KardiaAliveCore, Fitbit etc- data that alone dosent tell much, but combined with others types of data, they can be very useful.