1. I have a medical emergency, can I call your practice?

    NO: ‘Dr Ionita’ practice does NOT provide emergency care and it should NOT be used in emergency situations. In any emergency situation you should call 999 or get help from alternative A & E service , your registered GP.

  2. Do I still need my GP for primary care?

    YES: you need to stay registered with your GP. This service is not supposed to replace your regular GP consultations.

  3. I am under 18 y.o., can I have a consultation?

    NO: ‘Dr Ionita’ s practice provide consultations for adults (18+)

  4. Do I have to pay for my medications, including supplements?

    YES: The prices of treatments is not included in consultations or other type of service

  5. What if I have to cancel my consultation ?

    You must cancel your consultation 24h before your appointment without any fees.

  6. What if I need a special assistance?

    ‘Dr Ionita’s practice will make all the necessary possible adjustments to adapt to your needs (please mention them in the health questionnaire or in the contact form)