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Hi there! I'm a doctor who wants to take care of you even when you aren't sick

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About Me

I aim to reinvent primary care with a data-driven preventative approach, helping individuals to take care of their health in a more scientific and ultimately more efficient way. I am a practitioner with a groundbreaking approach to medicine, dedicated to prevention and health instead of focusing on disease, like traditional medicine does.

 Having graduated from the Craiova Faculty of Medicine in Romania, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, I specialized in Addictology at the University of Paris-V and hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology from the University of Paris-VIII. I also holds a Certificate in Genetics & Genomics from the University of Stanford with minors in Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Genomics Approach of Cancer, Stem Cells & Pharmacogenomics.

Why a Different Approach?

Traditional medicine, well-known as being more reactive than proactive, fails to take care of asymptomatic individuals. These individuals, who represent the majority of the population, very well may not have optimal health without necessarily feeling “sick”. What's more, given current predictions they may be at risk of developing a chronic disease in the future  (i.e. 1 in 4 people will have a cancer in 20 years, 1 in 5 people will suffer from liver disease and 1 in 3 people will be overweight or obese, which increases the overall risk of developing a disease).

This happens not only because culturally both doctors and apparently healthy individuals are used to having very few regular interactions, typically those 10-minute visits and/or basic yearly check-ups for periodic health evaluations. If we take into consideration the complex and highly dynamic system that is the human body and its many interactions with the environment, thinking that one can look at someone’s health once per year and understand it has became obsolete given the knowledge and advancements that medicine, molecular biology and data analysis have made in recent years.

By mixing the principles of Functional Medicine with medical technologies and an individual-centered approach, I believe that today we are getting closer to personalised medicine that truly improves your health and wellbeing. I strongly believe that we are living a revolution in healthcare, even if it is still advancing too slowly and the best is yet to come. I believe that each of us, whether doctor or patient, can be a health transformer for ourselves and the people around us.

Whether you "feel good" but want to feel "even better" or you have some symptoms that are bothering you, the key is getting help with a data-driven approach. Here are several health goals; what’s yours?


I want to know my health risks and learn how to minimise them

What for?


I feel good, but I want to feel even better, I want to have more energy & be more focused


I want to stay healthy over the long term


I would like a personalised plan that suits my daily life

Know More About Self

I want to know more about myself
/ my health - I want to build my “health database” and get help to make sense of it

Chronic Symptoms

Some symptoms have been bothering me, although no disease was diagnosed (i.e. fatigue, difficulty sleeping, constipation, unable to lose weight, feeling down etc.)

Chronic Conditions

I've already been diagnosed with a disease and I want to improve my condition with another approach (i.e. hypertension, high cholesterol, autoimmune disease, obesity, diabetes etc.)

In-depth Health Assessment

Once you’ve booked your first appointment, you’ll receive an in-depth health questionnaire by email that you’ll fill in and send back at least 48 hours prior to your consultation time.


1st Consultation 60 Minutes

Every detail about you matters. I try to know everything related to your health, but it’s you who will decide how much you want to talk - I’m happy to listen. We’ll discuss your Health Questionnaire and any additional information you’d like to add, you’ll have a physical examination (vital signs, etc.) and we’ll establish your health plan (what laboratory tests you need to do, the first lifestyle changes that you’ll start with, etc.).



Depending on your needs, you’ll need to do several tests such as a blood test for an extensive check-up, including hormones, minerals, vitamins, etc. But you might also need tests of your saliva (i.e., adrenal stress), urine and/or stool to check your intestinal flora. For these tests you’ll go to a lab and/or you’ll have home kits.


2nd Consultation 60 Minutes

Once the results are ready, you’ll have a second medical consultation (in person or by video conference) to discuss your test results and adjust your health plan, including treatment, lifestyle, etc.


 Follow Up

Together, we’ll review how your symptoms are evolving and your progress toward your goals. We will do so through ‘follow-up consultations’ (60 minutes), once per month following the ‘Results Consultation’. We will try to understand your daily routine, see how you respond to treatment and recommendations and what eventual adjustments should be added to your program


We’re in this together. Remember that we are partnering for your health. And as good partners do, we want to communicate in the easiest and efficient way. Emails, texts, feel free to ask anything you need to know.

What happens after?

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