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The list is not exhaustive

Home Test - General Health

Why : If you want an easy health check these days you can try finger prick blood tests that are easy are convenient to be done at home.

With these home tests, you can have small panels checking your metabolic health, thyroid, liver function, some vitamins etc.

The list below is not extensive, more test are available upon request. But if you need an extensive checkup, better have a blood draw in a lab or with nurse at home.

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Available Tests
General Health - Basic
Thyroid profile
Lipid profile
Liver function

Immune Health

Why : ‘Boosting immunity’ is on everyone’s lips these days, in this pandemic context. But instead of jumong to have some over the counter ‘multivitamins’ the same your friends are taking, check a few basic things about your immune defences. And of course, depending on your symptoms if any, you can have some specific tests upon your doctor recommendation or mine (as for all the other categories, the tests list below is not exhaustive).

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Available Tests
Viral respiratory screen
Immunity check
Covid test PCR (Home kit)
Covid antibody test

Hormone Check

Why : Sex hormones start to decline slightly from age 30, and more steadily from 40-45 years old, although various hormonal imbalances can occur at any age, even in children. Common manifestations in sex hormones decline are fatigue, nervousness, weight gain, low libido, poor sleep, mood swings, poor memory, decrease muscles tone.

Where : sex hormones can be tested in blood and/or saliva, urines.

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Available Tests
Woman - Basic
Woman - Plus
Woman - Extra
Men - Basic
Men - Plus
Men - Extra

Stress Check

Why : to check that you are not in burn out or close to it, especially if you have been experiencing chronic stress from some time and/or have chronic symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain, low libido, etc. You’ll have your daily cortisol rhythm, the DHEA and some other molecules involved in the stress process tested.

Where : home test kit- saliva and morning urine

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Available Tests


Why : to check if your gut flora is balanced (to exclude a dysbiosis, a leaky gut syndrome, etc), especially if you have some gastro-intestinal symptoms, but also allergies, chronic inflammation, fatigue etc.

Where : home test kits- stool test

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Available Tests
Gut flora -basic
Gut flora - plus
Gut flora - extra

Food Intolerances

Why : to see how your body reacts to food (IGG test), especially if you have some chronic symptoms like fatigue, bloating, constipation, headaches, psoriasis, etc.

Where : home- for the small panels for 22 and 44 foods- you’ll receive a kit for a finger prick collection.

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Available Tests
Screen test (home test) - 22 food items
Basic test - 44 food items

Environmental Pollution

Why : Long-term exposure to many common chemicals in our environment is known or suspected to have serious health consequences, like increasing the risk for diabetes, infertility, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, autoimmune diseases and cancer. Many of these environmental toxins are called “endocrine disruptors”. Common sources are food (especially seafood),household cleaning and personal products, smoking, plastics and microplastics.

Where : home test kit- urines

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Available Tests
Heavy metals

Extended General Checkup

Why : to explore your blood biochemistry, organ functions, sugar metabolism, lipid metabolism, hormones, main vitamins, minerals, inflammation markers, Omega3/Omega 6 status, etc.

Where : at the The Doctor Laboratory (London) or at the lab of your choice. A nurse can be booked to have your blood drawn at home.

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Available Tests
Vitamins & minerals status
Fatty Acids
Cardio-metabolic health
Osteoporose screening
Wellbeing woman
Wellbeing man
Anemia Profile